About Me!

Hi there! I’m Monisa and I’m so happy you’re here! The about me page is typically where people tell you all about themselves so here goes!

I love coffee. Give me a French press (or moka pot) and a bag of local coffee and I’m all set! I love to travel. After spending the past year making Italy our home, I was blessed to be able to experience 12 breathtaking countries. Now our home is in North Carolina and I’m excited to explore this coast! I’ve been married 6 years to my hunky army man (which is why we lived in Italy) and we have a wild little dude named Kenzo. Photography has always been around for me. I still remember how happy I felt getting a polaroid camera for Christmas as a kid (that thing was huge). Now I get the opportunity to allow clients to feel that same joy. Not through posed, “look at me and say cheese” sessions, but through sessions that elicit emotions.

So what’s a session like? I strive to create a unique experience for every client! For my families I love to keep the kids moving around. We play games, we laugh A LOT, and we create an environment to capture your family just as you are. For my couples, we laugh too because I’m a pretty big jokester! But we also get close, we dance, and we do what we can to bring out the real love between you two. I’m there to help you through the entire process (locations, wardrobe, etc.).