Slater Family // Lifestyle Session

The Slater Family was one of the first families I had in front of my lens when we moved to Italy. Blake was just as sweet then as she is now and I remember Ken as being so chunky, just barely sitting up and now she’s running all over the place. Cassidy was one of my first friends I met while living in Italy. She picked me up when we were still living in the hotel and took me to my first wine tasting (like my first tasting in life. terrible I know lol). Since then I’ve captured birthday parties, family photos, crazy styled shoots, and we have become the best of friends. This session was a pretty special one both for her and even myself. Our little ones have had multiple play dates in this home, and it was here she helped grow my faith as Christian during weekly Bible study meetings. It was also in this home she taught me how to play my now favorite board game Catan. I’ll always remember those game nights when the kids were put to bed and the adults poured up some wine and played all night long. When it was time for us to leave Italy, this is where we spent our last nights. There were times when I would literally text her “what are you doing?” and pull up to her house 30 seconds later. She always welcomed me and my spontaneous visits. Her and her husband Will have such a love for each other and have taught my husband and I so much. It was such an honor to capture these sweet moments for them as they had to leave this beautiful home last week. Thanks so much Cassidy for trusting me to capture these for your family!